Tanzania’s National Parks

Tanzania has some of the finest and largest national parks in Africa. Lions, giraffes, gnus, antelopes, elephants and other species of wild animals are born, live and die in the middle of a nature that still holds its beauty untouched.

The two classical parks of Tanzania are Serengeti and Ngorongoro. The first one is a huge wildlife park whose borders go inside Kenya where it takes the name of Maasai Mara. The species diversity is exceptional here. Tourists can follow twice a year the gnus’ migration which consist of an impressive movement of thousands of animals in search of green meadows and water sources.  This is also a popular destination with newlyweds who come to enjoy here a few days of discovery and complete their stay by a balloon flight over the savannah.

Serengeti National Park

Nature and open spaces lovers will also be delighted by Ngorongoro. Situated on the bottom of a huge volcanic crater, it is the habitat of a rich wildlife living in autarky. The Massai tribes from the surrounding villages come to graze their herds here. In order to protect the sites, growing plants and dwelling are prohibited inside the park. However, 4X4 access is available and recommended to tourists who want to dive into the heart of nature.

On Rift’s valley and South of Ngorongoro, the Manyara Lake constitutes another important attraction of this region. Surrounded by a wild forest, where thousands of flamingos come to rest and feed, it is the ideal destination for bird watching lovers.

Manyara Lake

Further towards the South, the 100 km long Tarangire National Park gathers immense flora and fauna of great beauty. The baobab, a tree that ancient gods used to uproot and replant is one of the attractions.

Arusha National Park is a smaller, but very interesting one nonetheless. Located at the foot of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro, it provides tourists with the opportunity to enjoy the best views of the huge snow-capped volcano. Accompanied by a ranger, they can penetrate the most wooden parts of the park and go in search of the wildlife (mainly monkeys) that is hidden there. This park is perfect for a first discovery of the Tanzania’s wonders