A Guide For Visiting Thailand

A lot of people don’t know how to travel properly and end up in uncomfortable situations due to the fact that they have made mistakes when packing or even in the process of traveling itself. Thailand is one of the most popular travel places, so whether you are visiting it for pleasure or business, you will need to know the following tips.

Clothes – There’s a common mistake people make when traveling in different cultures or countries, they usually bring a lot of clothes. In Thailand you won’t need a lot of clothes; you will just need comfortable clothes that are good for warm weather.  You can also buy clothes from Thailand if you find yourself in the situation of having nothing to wear and clothes have a reasonable price in Thailand.


Food – When it comes to food everybody will tell you not to buy and eat things from street vendors. However, you might lose the true experience of Asian culture and cuisine so take a chance and buy something on the street. Another idea would be to befriend locals and ask them to take you to their favorite eating place. Besides street food, you should also check out the high standard restaurants if you can afford, you will be amazed with all the great food Thailand has to offer. The only problem might be with the tap water, which should be avoided if you don’t want to feel ill. It is advised to use bottled water even when brushing your teeth.

 Communication – When going to Thailand all you need to buy is a phone card that you will be using there if you want to talk on the phone with the best rates. These cards are cheap and they have credit and prepaid minutes on them. People from Thailand know English due to the fact that this country has a lot of visitors so you won’t have any problems if you know English.

luxury resort

Accommodation – Along side luxury villas and hotels and resorts, there are really cheap bungalows or guesthouses. So the range for renting place to stay is pretty big. For example, luxury villa in Koh Samui might cost up to $1500 per night and guesthouse in Bangkok can be as low as $15 per night.

Thailand is a great place to visit, a whole new culture which is very different from the Western culture, so if you have the chance to travel there, don’t hesitate and follow these tips to make things easier.